Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Does It Mean to Have an Irregular Period?

What does it mean to have an irregular period? Well, menstrual periods from month to month that can vary more than a few days in length are often considered irregular. Most intervals of women’s menstrual cycle occur between 24-35 days (the normal range). -- You may also like to know about reasons of late period!

How to count the interval of the menstruation? Star or begin counting from the 1st day of the last cycle (the last period) and then stop counting on the 1st day of the next cycle (the next period). For regular period, the menstrual cycle intervals occur almost 28 days (or almost once a month).

What does it mean to have an irregular cycle?

All women will have variations of menstrual cycle intervals occasionally, therefore you should not need to worry if you experience 1-2 irregular cycles. However if you experience the intervals of more than 35 days (like 37,38,39 or even 45 days) without a clearly reason and this condition keep going continuously then you may need to see your doctor to get more detailed information and treatment.

Generally, there are a lot of factors that can cause irregular periods! And in fact, it is so difficult to avoid completely all of these factors. Therefore, there are more women with irregular cycles than women with regular period.

If you can eliminate and keep far away from these factors, your will increase your chance to get back your regular periods. So, it is not too bad idea to know what are the most common causes of irregular period, and below are some of these causes:
  1. Stress (bad emotional level) and illness. Even increased exercise and travel also can lead to an irregular cycle!
  2. A significant weight change of your body (being in not ideal weight, either too thin or obesity). Bulimia or anorexia (a kind of eating disorder) also can disturb the intervals of your menstrual cycles.
  3. The infections in the pelvic organs.
  4. Your new medicine, like if you recently take a form of birth control methods. Illegal drug also can be another cause!
  5. Hormone problems, particularly for hormones related to support the menstruation.
  6. Breast feeding! In many cases, an irregular period is a common event in women with breast feeding.
Normal and abnormal irregular periods!

Once again, like mentioned before that irregular cycles are a common event in many women! But the most important is your irregular cycles should be considered at in terms of what is abnormal or normal for you. Your irregular period can be considered to abnormal ‘if’?
  1. Your menstrual intervals are longer or less than the normal range (24-35 days)! So, if your average intervals are about more than 35 days or less than 2 weeks then you may need to begin ask to yourself whether your menstrual periods are normal or not!
  2. You experience too heavy bleeding, which make you to change sanitary pads after 1-2 hours.
  3. Your age is more than 16 and you still don’t get your menstruation period.
However, the diagnosis of abnormal irregular period is not enough through those symptoms! Consult to your doctor for more detailed information & treatment! And don’t forget as much as possible to avoid any causes that can make worst your irregular periods!

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