Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely?

In fact, the instant process is still more popular option when it comes to losing weight! But be careful and make sure all steps in your diet are also safe. Avoid a crash diet that usually suggests consuming extremely less calories (like fewer than your BMR (Rest Metabolic Rest)). So, how to lose weight quickly and safely?

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We can find many articles on internet that explore a lot of methods to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, in several cases an effective method that works well for some people may not work well for your body. Quickly losing weight is pretty controversial topic, which can involve a widely range of methods and steps.

It is difficult to find the perfect steps on internet that you should follow to lose weight quickly. The best answer is making an appointment with a professional dietitian to get the right advices. And the following are several common points that you should avoid and on the other hand what you should do on how to lose weight quickly and safely!

What you should do?

Increase your metabolism!

Follow ways to boost your metabolism! Having good metabolism will be helpful to lose weight more easily, because the mechanism of your body to use the calories intake will work more optimally.

Get adequate healthy foods intake!

Many people agree that this topic is the most major element of the diet. Below are pieces of helpful information to get healthy eating habits:
  1. Ensure that every food that you want to eat in moderation. This is not only helpful to get the proper nutrient to your body but also helpful to avoid overload calories intake /day.
  2. Get to know your daily calorie need! You can calculate it after knowing your BMR! The daily calorie needs are usually influenced by your age, height of the body, the level of your activity (sedentary, low, middle, or very active), and even gender, or other factors. After you get the value of your daily calorie requirement per day, then try to get the appropriate calories intake per day (as close as possible to the level of your daily calorie need ‘but not lower’)!
  3. Eat more healthy foods than unhealthy foods. This issue is available in a wide range of options. But generally, many dietitians will recommend foods that rich in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrate, low cholesterol, etc. More varieties of fresh healthy foods (particularly such as fresh fruits and vegetables) that you eat are much better to promote better result to lose your weight quickly. And once again, try as close as possible to make the total calories of all foods that you eat /day is almost the same level of your daily calorie need.
  4. Lean meats! They are naturally lower in fat. They can be sardines, fresh tuna, or fresh salmon, which also will be useful to provide Omega-3 fatty acids to promote good health.
  5. Keep hydrated! It is not only important to supply adequate liquid for the body but also important to keep the level of your metabolism.
  6. Choose the healthy snacks instead of unhealthy snacks. But don’t forget also to avoid snacking too much per day!
  7. Get to know the food triggers! And then make the right strategies to avoid empty calorie traps & trigger foods.
Regular exercise!

Keeping move in your daily activities and having regular exercise are the best choices if you want to boost your body’s needs for energy. More energy that needed by your body, more calories or fats that you can burn per day.

The following are some common helpful tips to get the right exercise to move your body more /day on losing your weight more quickly (talking with a professional exercise is so recommended to get the right advices):
  1. Determine the right times when you should do your exercises! This is not only useful to organize your exercise but also can reduce your time to think of your favorite unhealthy foods.
  2. Choose the right type of exercise that you love and you can enjoy, so thus you can do your exercise with fun. Don’t push yourself to do a type of exercise that is too hard or difficult to follow!
  3. Choose a targeted exercise program if necessary to support your first concern on how to lose weight quickly. With this idea, you can get extra support to keep focus to your goal.
  4. And make or convert exercise that you have becomes your lifestyle!
Make sure you have adequate rest every day!

Adequate rest or adequate sleep is so important to support all steps that you do to lose your weight! Moreover, it is also important to keep you fit, and also helpful to reduce your risk of overeat per day.
Some studies found that people who have more hours to stay up /day are more likely to have higher chance of weight gain.

Build or join with a support weight loss network!

Supportive family and friends are so important and helpful to keep focus to your goal. You can also join to a certain weight loss group that you can find not too difficultly on internet, which will be so helpful for you to get more experiences, advices, or even successful stories from people who are successful to lose their weight.

And what you should avoid to lose weight quickly and safely?

Avoid smoking!

Some people believe that smoking can be helpful to lose weight easily and quickly. But you should always remember that the disadvantages (cause a lot of serious health problems) from smoking are much over than the advantages that you will get!

Don’t ever try to skip your breakfast!

Creating more calorie deficits per day is the key to lose more pounds quickly. And then you may think that by skipping your breakfast is one of nice ideas to create calorie deficit. But this idea is absolutely wrong!

Skipping breakfast can decrease your BMR, which eventually can cause weight gain easily. A breakfast is not only important to help maintain your BMR level but also it can be useful to maintain your energy level throughout the day.

Avoid consuming unhealthy foods!

Unhealthy foods that you should avoid are some that rich in too over calories, fat, and sugar! Be creative to find substitutes to replace them. There are many foods that can provide a lot of healthier counterparts with much less of calories, sugar, and fat, such as;
  • You should choose chicken breast instead of chicken wing.
  • You should choose roasted turkey salad instead of market chopped salad.
  • You should choose cheezy potatoes instead of spaghetti (in Marinara).
  • You should choose potato salad instead of corn fritters.
  • And so on.
Limit the intake of alcohol, coffee, or soda!

The high intake of them can cause bad effect to your effort on creating the calorie deficit per day. Therefore as mentioned before, if you seriously want to lose your weight quickly -- you should choose to drink more mineral water instead of alcohol, coffee, or soda.

Avoid eating junk food or fast food!

Fast food is practical option while you feel hungry, but this is very bad choice if you have a diet program to lose weight quickly. So, it is much better to prepare your meals at your home instead of purchasing and eating fast foods.

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