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This Is The Types and Symptoms of Headache

Types and Symptoms of Headache. Healthy tips, Who haven’t had a headache before? It seems quite impossible. Just like stomachache or toothache, headache is a kind of common illness that can strike anyone. It can come along with cold or influenza. It can also come accompanying other problems like vertigo headache and migraine. Problems with nasal infection or problems like sinusitis can also trigger headache. People with higher level of blood pressure may also experience pain in the head. There many variations of headaches. Depending on the headache types and symptoms, treatment and rescue may vary from one condition to others. Not any pains in the head will go away after taking up pain killers or aspirins. Be careful in choosing medicines. Below are different kinds of headaches with the descriptions of the signs.

Types and Symptoms of Headache


This is perhaps the only headache that is passed from grandparents to parents and to kids. Migraine is possible to run in your family. Among other headache types and symptoms, migraine is quite easy to notice since its classic signs include pain on one side of the head, either left or right. Dealing and curing migraine may also need further analysis since it may relate to other problems. There are some criteria of migraine signs including pain in one side of the head followed with vomiting or nausea, increasing sensitivity in senses (sight, smell and hearing), happening for around four hours to almost two and a half days, happening in a row (headache episodes).


Compared to migraine, tension headache types and symptoms are considered the most common one. Migraine may get worse when the affected person is doing excessive physical activity, or being exposed in the bright light, but not tension headache. It has never been a problem that hinders a person from doing anything routines. No vomiting and nausea are following the symptoms, too. It usually strikes the back of the neck and at the temples (back part of the head). In order to calm the symptoms, taking pain killers, ibuprofen and aspirin will be sufficient. It is suspected that stress does trigger the headache. Scalp muscles and neck contraction are the causes of the pain.


If you do experience headache now and then but it is not migraine or tension, it is possible that what you are suffering is rebound headache types and symptoms. What makes this headache occur? Experts believe that the pain in the head is caused by too much consumption of medicines or headache painkillers. So, when you are used to taking medicines freely from the drugstore without consulting the doctor yet, this is a warning for you. Never ever take acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen without prescription and control from your family doctor. After taking them for some time, those pills can drop within a person’s blood stream. This will trigger rebound headache.


The last headache types and symptoms do attack more males than females. The signs are pretty much similar with migraine. If differences occur, when a person is suffering from cluster headache, he will need to rest and lie down since the nose will tend to run and eyes are watery. It is suspected that this condition is hereditary. Continuous medication may help the attack to reduce in frequency and length. The condition can worsen if complication with sinusitis appears.

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