Thursday, January 8, 2015

Migraine Signs and Symptoms Part 2

Migraine Signs and Symptoms Part 2. Before we was write about migraine signs and symptoms. Now you can read the part 2 of migraine. Enjoy your reading...

Some signs and symptoms of migraine are pretty much similar with those of stroke. If you are not quite familiar with both illnesses, it might be a good idea to learn more about these health problems. Without learning carefully about the signs, common people can misunderstand the symptoms and mistreat them. In the previous discussions, some of alarming conditions that indicate that migraine is coming up have been discusses. In this part, more signs will be revealed and described.

Migraine Signs and Symptoms

Sleeping Disorder
When people suffer from sleeping problems, they will normally relate the condition with stresses and depressions. Signs and symptoms of migraine can actually be indicated by sleeping disorder. When a person with migraine feels difficulties in falling asleep, it can actually worsen the head pain. Failure in having restorative sleep or deep sleep can lead to insomnia which will make migraine turns into more severe. On the other hand, when migraine attacks at night, the affected patient will find it hard to rest. This is like a harmful cycle that makes the pain more serious. For people with migraine, resting and sleeping well are a must. Lack of sleep won’t make the condition any better.

Eye Problem and Food Craving
Who will notice that when a person is suddenly feeling the craving for chocolate, it is an alarm for migraine attack occurs. Usually the craving for chocolate happens some minutes before other signs and symptoms of migraines like blurred, double visions or even losing of vision occurs. This is normally happening in the type of migraine called basilar migraine. Besides losing vision and pain the head and neck, the pain can also occur behind the eye, or in the burrows. These signs can start appearing about an hour before the migraine attacks. In some cases, they even occur about two days prior to the attack.

Frequent Yawning
Yawning is always associated with sleepiness and tiredness. That is common perception about yawning. Not many people realize that yawning can be one of the signs and symptoms of migraines. It might be useful for you to know, yawning can also mean that supply of oxygen to the brain is lacking. Through yawn, a person will be forced to inhale much deeper and supply more oxygen in the brain. More than thirty percent of patients with migraine experience yawning that occur quite frequently. This is the difference between sleepy and tired yawns with the alarm that migraine is coming. The frequency is excessive, and very often. It can even happen every minute.

Nausea and Vomiting
A study in the USA conducted by a medicine producer has revealed that around seventy percents of patients suffer from nausea. The other thirty percents are experiencing vomiting. When people with migraine suffer from these conditions, the migraine attacking is normally much more severe. Nausea and vomiting are typical signs and symptoms of migraine. Besides that, excessive physical activities can also make migraine becomes worsen.

Balance Problems
In the previous article, it was mentioned that there is an indication of pain and needle sensations on one part of the body. This condition can also become more severe and leads to lose of body balance. Balance problems is condition is perhaps one of the most harmful signs and symptoms of migraine since losing balance can make the affected person fall and suffer from injuries. Problems in body balance may also be caused by vertigo or extreme dizziness.

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