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Migraine Signs and Symptoms

Migraine Signs and Symptoms

Migraine Signs and Symptoms, health tips. Lot of people want to know about migraine. If you looking for about this info, you can read this article. Now and then, people can suffer from headache. Headaches can be in many forms, prior to influenza, an affected person may experience pain in the head, too. The intensity and seriousness of headache may differ from one person to another, but when the pain happens suddenly and striking a half part of the head, it is very likely that s/he experiences symptoms of migraine. In the USA, around thirty million people are suffering from migraine. The cases in women are tripled compared to that of men. Commonly, when migraine attacks, it will get worse if used to move physically. To understand migraine and the signs of its coming, in the following discussions, each group of symptoms will be described.

Migraine Signs and Symptoms You Should Know

Changes in Mood
Although not many people realize that mood changes are potentially signs that migraine is coming up, it is actually a preliminary sign that an attack may occur. Who would notice that when moods are suddenly changing, it may send an alarm that migraine is soon attacking. It is reported by Dutch researchers that there is a possibility that depression is genetically linked with migraines. The case is particularly true in migraine with aura. Usually, patients experience symptoms of migraine like sad feelings or depressed before the attack. It is also interesting to note that during the annual meeting in 2010 of American Academy of Neurology, depressions have significantly contributed to the seriousness of migraines. It is triggering the risk of episodic migraines cases and when it continuously occurring, the case may become chronic.

Problems with Sinus
Other symptoms of migraine are closely related with sinusitis problem. Even though sinusitis in itself is a separate health problem, there is a connection between signs of sinus with alarms that migraine attack is coming. The affected person will experience clear nasal discharge, stuffy nose and sometime tears in the eye. A study conducted by a group of researchers funded by GlaxoSmithKline found that almost ninety percent people complaining of sinusitis condition are suffering from migraine.

Head and Neck Pain
Classic symptoms of migraines are including pain in the head and neck. It is called classic since these pains are recognizable and strongly related with migraines. Pains that occur on one side of the head, left or right do indicate migraine. Around half of people with migraines experience this while more than thirty percents often experience similar signs. Totally, it makes around eighty percents of patients suffer from one-sided head pain when attack occurs. Neck pain is reported to be experienced by some seventy percents of patients.

Sensitivity (Sensory Aura)
Symptoms of migraines that may be quite annoying are including increasing sensitivity towards lights, smells and sounds. When migraine attacks, the affected person may feel very sensitive towards these three elements. When they stand under the light, the migraine can get worse. The same thing happens when they hear loud noises and smell something strong. Some people also experience speech problems.

Speech and Body Function Decline
This is perhaps the most troublesome symptoms of migraines, i.e. difficulties in saying the words or talk and decline in body function. This problem may seem pretty much similar with stroke signs. Hence, detailed examination is needed to ensure whether the signs are migraine symptoms or not. Some people also feel pin and needle sensations on either the left or right of the body.

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