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Spastic Colon Symptoms and Causes

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Spastic colon is also familiar known as spastic bowel or IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome). Unlike IBD (irritable bowel disease), spastic colon is a much less serious problem, which usually also familiar called a functional disorder (in other words, you may have the digestive system that looks normal, but it cannot work as it should). What are spastic colon symptoms? What are causes of this syndrome?

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Before discussing these popular topics, you may want to know about what is difference between inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome! Overall, as the name suggests IBD is more serious problem than IBS. IBD can cause ulcers, inflammation, or other damage in the bowel, while IBS usually doesn’t do that. On the other hand, IBS symptoms are usually less serious than IBD symptoms. However, you should not underestimate spastic colon symptoms!

Spastic colon symptoms

There are some major symptoms or signs of spastic colon. But in many cases, people with IBS will experience belly pain or discomfort with diarrhea or constipation. They may experience only diarrhea or only constipation. But they also may experience diarrhea altering with constipation (diarrhea followed with constipation or constipation followed with diarrhea).

Other signs may include:
  1. Excess gas (or familiar known as bloating).
  2. Stools with mucus.
  3. Or you may get discomfort feeling of not-completely feeling on emptying your bowels.
Furthermore, there are also some symptoms that are not associated with the intestines (or familiar known as non-gastrointestinal signs), which may include; problems in urinary, heart palpitations, decreased desire of sex (or other sexual problems), problems in sleeping (like insomnia that may be caused by spastic colon symptoms), backache, discomfort taste in your mouth, fatigue, and depression (anxiety).

Spastic colon causes

There are some theories for the cause of IBS, but there is still no one that can give clearly answer. Many doctors believe that spastic colon may be caused by the problems in the delivery of signals from brain to the digestive tract.

Furthermore, there is also still no clearly answer on how to prevent IBS. But the spastic colon symptoms may be able to be minimized with proper self-care or changes in lifestyle, like by avoiding any foods that can make the symptoms worse (such as foods that contain caffeine), having regular exercise, and stopping smoking.

What else you should know?

Spastic colon is quite common, even there are many people who have mild spastic colon symptoms but they usually don’t see a doctor to check and get the diagnosis of their symptoms.

But watchful waiting to see your doctor is not appropriate, particularly if you experience some warning symptoms, which can cause a serious problem. You have to see your doctor immediately if you have some alarm signs or warning symptoms, which may include:
  1. You have a family history of IBD or colon cancer, which this means you have higher risk of more chronic & serious inflammation of your intestines.
  2. You also experience anemia.
  3. You find blood in the stools.
  4. You experience fever (sever fever).
  5. You experience weight loss without unknown reasons.
  6. Your mild symptoms are getting worse.
The last, if you in doubt whether you have IBS or not, don’t forget to talk more with your doctor for more advice about spastic colon symptoms, how to get clearly diagnosis, and the right treatments!

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