Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hazards of Smoking

There is estimated around one of each 5 deaths in USA is caused by tobacco. Around 8.5 million of Americans suffer from chronic diseases and more than 435 thousands of individuals who lost their live caused by addicted smoking activities. Overall, there are a lot of hazards of smoking! Therefore it is much better for smoker to stop smoking as earlier as possible.

You might also like to know more about facts of second-hand smoking, before continuing! 

Smoker lives are claimed around 14 years shorter than the average non-smoker lives. Smoking is bad activity, and today it will lead to death risk for 650 million of 1.3 million alive (the world’s smokers), according to American Cancer Society.

Hazards of smoking

Well.... more smoke will increase the risk of a numerous disorders and diseases, even a few tobacco that you burn in a day will be so harmful for your health! Here are the hazard checklists of smoking:
  1. In many cases, it is one of big factors that can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Almost 20 % of all cardiac mortalities are generated and caused by bad activity of smoking. Cardiovascular illness includes strokes, heart attack, or peripheral artery illness.
  2. Can higher the risk of chronic pneumonia and bronchitis (the deathly lung-illness).
  3. Other crucial potential diseases that can be generated and caused by smoking are; diabetes, osteoporosis, heartburn, aging skin (will give a significant bad effect for women), sinusitis and even also can higher the risk of cataracts.
  4. Smoking also can lead to disorder for the sexuality (especially for men, that can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction (most common effect for heavy smokers) and even bladder cancer).
Disorders of sexuality

Like mentioned before, the disorders of sexuality can be generated by smoking! Smoking is often referred by sexy and masculine in the classic movies, but in fact men who are addicted to smoke will be more likely to experience & find the opposite effect! 

Smoking will disturb the performance of blood vessels that eventually will lead to unfriendly erectile dysfunction for men. Men who are non-smokers in their lives are less likely to experience the risk of erectile dysfunction, and on the other hand men who are addicted to smoke are more likely to get the higher risk of erectile dysfunction in their lives, according to a research for 2,115 men in Minnesota (2005).

Moreover, In China, smoking is also one of major causes or factors for the cases of ED, according to a study in 2007.