Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recognizing ADHD in Toddlers You Should Know

Recognizing ADHD in Toddlers. Every child is active but when they are hyperactive, parents and teachers should be aware of possibility for some deficiency or even syndrome. They tend to move from one activity to another activity quite fast and their concentration span is usually only around ten to fifteen minutes. If you do have toddlers at home, it is very obvious that almost every day, you ought to clean all the mess. Starting from scattered toys up to scratches on the wall is what you will get when there are preschoolers around the house. However, when you do notice that your little ones act more actively compared to other kids and the concentration span is very limited, there might be a chance that symptoms of adhd in toddlers start to occur.

About Focus
It is clear in our perception and understanding that kids, or toddlers, do move a lot and switch from one activity to another quickly. Even though it is common characteristics of children, for parents and education practitioners, it is quite obvious that those who have difficulties in concentrating and enjoying themselves in doing an activity may not just be something common. adhd in toddlers may simply show a stage where they cannot focus on anything at all and very easily distracted by what they see and hear. If this condition occurs, you may wish to talk to your pediatrician for overall examination and discuss possibilities of ADHD.

Recognizing ADHD in Toddlers

Contact and Interests
When kids do not make eye contact during a communication with their peers, parents and other people, the possibilities are just two. First, they are not accustomed to it (in some cultures, it is impolite when making eye contact with older people or superior) and second, they are showing signs of adhd in toddlers level. They tend to keep physically moving rather than stopping and listen or pay attention to the person(s) talking to them. This condition, accompanied by hyper-concentrating on one particular object or interest, is very commonly found in toddlers with ADHD. It is called tunnel vision symptom. Toddlers may engage in block building for a long time, and when they grow up, can engage extremely in video game.

Energy, Emotion, Affection
Another basic sign of adhd in toddlers is hyperactivity. The term hyper can actually refer to hyper-attention and hyper-active. Both are strongly correlated with ADHD. Even though being active is a sign of healthy kids, when the activeness reaches the border, it is a warning alert that expert examination should be done to ensure whether it is still considered as an okay condition or not. The cycle is quite clear, since activeness usually goes up and down. After a period of active, children need to calm down. When your kid does not seem to be tired and calming down, this is surely a specific condition.

Self Control
Sign and symptoms of adhd in toddlers are also reflected through difficulties in controlling emotions. Children with ADHD tend to be impulsive. Their emotions can change drastically and when it bursts, it tends to be over compared to common tantrum or other types of emotional expressions. Besides that, inability to control their emotions and senses can also be shown through lack of ‘calculation’ in doing something. They tend to take risks without clearly comprehending what consequences will come as an effect of the action.

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