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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Signs and Crucial Notes

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Signs and Crucial Notes. Health Tips, Nowadays, finding and interacting with people with autism is no longer a strange thing. Many years ago, they were still considered ‘different’ that not much space for interaction was available for them. Despite of the fact that children with autism spectrum disorder or ASD do have some problems cognitively, they do have some strength, too. The increasing research about autism also reveals that there are various types of autistic conditions where the signs and symptoms are quite similar from one and another. ASD affects one out of eighty eight kids in the United States, mostly occurring in boys rather than girls.

Parents with autistic children, especially, face the biggest challenge in the previous decades. Although the condition is much friendlier now, kids or adults with autism spectrum disorder do still need support system to help them survive in their social circle, academically as well as in wellbeing. For both parents and the affected kids or teens, ASD is truly an energy sucking condition. Imagine that struggling with growth, hormonal changes and social pressure can be quite stressing for common people without any issues of autism, let alone those with ASD. These kids, teens and adults do rely on strict rules that should be followed consistently.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder Signs
Signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are usually recognizable from deficiency of social skills and language development. If diagnoses can be done as early as possible, treatment can also be given as soon as possible. So, language ability can be improved and socialization needs can also be met. Interaction and communication are two basic challenges that children with ASD have to face. Communication here involves verbal as well as non verbal. Besides that, autistic children usually have particular interests in certain fields such as arranging toys into a perfect line. When parents notice that their kids tend to withdraw themselves from people in their surrounding, experiencing language disorder or delay and having unusual behavior in playing with their toys, go and get them examined.

Mild level of autism spectrum disorder is also often known as Asperger’s syndrome. In early childhood, the signs are often a bit ‘late’ to be detected or recognized. Usually, it occurs when kids are to begin their first day of preschool where more activities are given and more intensive observation be done. More severe condition includes disintegrative disorder in childhood and Rett syndrome. Although common signs can be learnt, each individual may show different symptoms.

Mild Autism: Asperger’s Syndrome
A crucial note about Asperger’s syndrome as an early, mild type of autism is that it often affects boys than girls. Kids with this syndrome, like those with autism spectrum disorder, is extremely interested and deeply attracted with one object or topic. When they are engaged with cars, for instance, everything is all about cars. They will collect them talk about them and tend to be obsessed with cars. In terms of social skills, it is often lacking or awkward. But, these children also often appear to be quite intelligent. Physicians refer this condition as high functioning autism where cognitive development grows above average but emotionally, they are very fragile and susceptible of depression as well as anxiety.

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