Monday, July 29, 2013

Symptoms Of West Nile Virus

Symptoms Of West Nile Virus, Spring and summer bring more chances for the whole family members and especially kids to get active outdoor. Unfortunately, with the fun comes also the risk. It is commonly found that insects grow rapidly in warmer temperature. Insects including mosquito often transmit some diseases. Viruses are carried by these small flying animals including causing symptoms of west nile virus. The problem with this illness is its signs or symptoms that are not recognized. While normally other transmitted virus diseases are causing headache and fever, it does not happen with west nile syndrome. In the long run, this illness can affect brain and cause inflammation. When the cases are mild, the signs will go away by itself. But in more severe cases, attention should be given provided that the affected person feels weak suddenly, experiencing confusion or disoriented, and also having bad headache. One of the easiest ways to protect ourselves from being transmitted by this virus is through the use of lotion or repellent to protect the skin.

Symptoms Of West Nile Virus

Are There Any Symptoms?
Generally, symptoms of west nile virus are not very recognized nor observable. It is reported that around twenty percents of people experience infection in mild condition named west nile fever. This fever has some signs that can be physically noticed:

• having headache and fever with pains all over the body
• feeling painful on the back part and tired
• sometimes, affected persons can also develop some rash; pains in the eyes as well as swelling lymph glands

Although the above symptoms are often mistaken with influenza signs, beware if rash occurs. If the fever is high, and you know that your kids have just been exposed to the outdoor environment get him her medically checked. Explain the condition to the physicians and request any procedures to detect the possibility of west nile virus infection.

Beware of Infections
Neurological infection is the most serious risks that a sufferer can have when experiencing symptoms of west nile virus for some time. This condition can make inflammation in and around the brain. The effects of this infection will be quite serious since most of body control lay in the brain. Here are what a patient can feel when infected by this virus:

• intensive, bad headache and fever
• experiencing stiffness in the neck
• getting confused
• experiencing coma
• decreasing body coordination
• weakness in muscles that can also cause partial paralysis condition

Seek for Medical Help
When should medical assistance be required? Parents need to arrange medical appointment when symptoms of west nile virus occur in a heavier intensity. Infection signs are shown through stiff neck, headaches and confusion. Critically evaluate the surrounding, and when you find lots of birds and mosquito in the area where you camp or hold some outdoor events do some prevention acts to protect your and your kids’ skins from mosquito bites. This illness cannot be transmitted through kisses and other physical touches between human. It takes about two weeks for the virus to grow symptoms after it is transmitted. If your home or summer house is surrounded by bushes that are potentially inviting mosquito, call the nearest insect control to prevent virus transmission.