Saturday, July 27, 2013

High Blood Pressure Symptoms, What Does It Count?

High Blood Pressure Symptoms, What Does It Count?, Hypertension cases can be caused by genetic sensitivity where a person inherits salt sensitive condition from their parents. High blood pressure symptoms at early stage may not be quite visible. People often mistakenly understand these signs with other illness until they are checked and find out that the pressure is above average.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Understanding High Blood Pressure Symptoms
One third of the sufferers do not realize that they are experiencing high blood pressure symptoms, and this is where the real danger lays. Without treatment and control, it can make the heart works harder in pumping out the blood while the person does not make any effort to watch their food consumption. Below are some signs that can indicate hypertension:

• dizziness especially around the area of the back of head, and goes down to the back neck and down to the upper part of the shoulder blade
• some people experience breathing problem, this is caused by the hard work of the heart in pumping the blood
• vision blur and losing balance
• feeling of nausea
• blood pressure reading shows more than 140/ 90 and consistently occur

Measuring Blood Pressure
The good news is, high blood pressure can be controlled and treated. But, it does take some discipline to do it. Once you get yourself checked and the doctor finds out that the pressure is high, get it checked again several times. Measuring real blood pressure should be done when you are relaxed and stable. Emotional burst and high impact activity can contribute to the rising level of blood tension. After experiencing high blood pressure symptoms and getting confirmation about the condition, regular readings should be done to control the pressure level of your blood. The reading shows two numbers, systolic pressure that comes first reflecting arteries pressure when the heart beat and diastolic pressure showing when the heart rests between beats.

Risk Factors
Who would likely suffer from hypertension? Is the risk similar between individuals? What are other contributing factors that we should pay attention to? High blood pressure will likely affect those who have family history of hypertension, diabetes or heart disease. So, if your parents or grandparents are suffering from this condition, you are carrying similar or even higher risks. African Americans are more susceptible genetically to this condition. Age wise, people over fifty five years old are also more likely to experience hypertension. Contributing factors to the risk is low level of physical activity, bad habit in eating up salty food and saturated fats food, also those who drink too much alcohol.

Living With High Blood Pressures
How should one live with hypertension as soon as they are aware of the high blood pressure symptoms and get confirmed by the doctors? The best way to deal with it is getting the pressure controlled. There are abundant types of anti hypertension pills that can be consumed to protect kidney and heart from potential complication. Other than that, food and drink composition should be carefully watched. Naturally, drinking juices from celery, cucumber and beetroot can help controlling blood pressure without worrying about the side effects.