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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms in Women

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Stomach ulcer or familiar known as gastric ulcer is a kind of peptic ulcer disease that usually occurs and affects on the inside of the stomach -- as well as the name implies! It can attack either women or men. And generally, there is no significant difference between the stomach ulcer symptoms in women and the ulcer signs in men.

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In some cases, ulcers can heal and go away on their own way! But this doesn't mean you can underestimate this disease -- one thing you should remember that if this disease is not properly treated then it may cause some harmful health problems.

Some of the serious health problems that can be generated by peptic ulcer disease (when the disease is not properly treated) are;
  1. Serious internal bleeding.
  2. Serious infection (particularly infection in the abdominal cavity).
  3. And problems with scar tissue which usually can result problem to the mechanism of food that you eat to pass through the digestive tract. This condition can make you become difficult to weight gain and easy to experience vomiting.
Who is at higher risk to have stomach ulcer?

There are some conditions that can make someone will have higher risk of this disease. Below are some individuals who are more likely to get this stomach ulcer:
  1. Elderly people (over 50 years of old).
  2. People who also have other health problems -- particularly like problems in lung, kidney disease, and liver disease.
  3. People who are using naproxen, aspirin, or other kind of drugs in NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
  4. Heavy drinker of alcohol.
  5. Individuals who have a family history with peptic ulcer disease.
  6. And people who have infection with H. pylori; it is a kind of bacteria.
Stomach ulcer symptoms in women

There are some signs of stomach ulcer in women. Once again, as mentioned before -- either men or women may have similar symptoms when they have stomach ulcer disease

Duodenal and stomach ulcers
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Below are some common stomach ulcer symptoms;
  1. You may become easy to experience vomiting or nausea!
  2. Bloating.
  3. Heartburn, but unlike the name suggests -- it has nothing to do with the organ of the body that we call as ‘heart’ (although there are some symptoms of heartburn that are similar with symptoms in heart attack). It is more likely to be a kind of irritation of the esophagus. Some symptoms of heartburn may include; difficulty swallowing, after lying down or eating you may feel chest pain, food that you eat can be like ‘sticking’ in the middle of throat or chest, or burning (hot) sensation in the throat.
  4. You may also experience bloody or black stools.
  5. Another stomach ulcer symptom is burning pain in the abdominal (particularly in the upper or middle of stomach). This sign usually often occur after or during drinking /eating certain foods (like alcohol, orange juice, or coffee). This symptom also can occur after taking aspirin. And after taking antacids, this discomfort symptom usually can be relieved.
In general, pain is usually the most common sign of peptic ulcer, which may include:

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Talk with your doctor for more detailed information about stomach ulcer symptoms, and ask to him/her for more advice about anything that you should do to prevent or treat this disease.

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