Friday, December 6, 2013

Breast Cancer: Symptoms and Stages

Breast Cancer: Symptoms and Stages, Normally, when we heard about breast cancer, what comes in our mind is the risk that women will one day face regardless their age and background. Even though the number is not that many, though, breast cancer symptoms can occur among males. Learning and understanding this condition is not exclusively the demand for females. Thus, recognizing the signs and stages will enable us to react and anticipate spreading as early as possible. Although the symptoms may sometimes be different from one patient to another, general signs can be concluded and observed quite early provided that regular self check is performed.

Common Breast Cancer Symptoms
In most cases, very early level of breast cancer symptoms is often unobservable. When development of abnormal cells like tumor starts growing, then, signs usually occur. Normally, if there is a lump persisting after menstruation in the area of armpit or in the boobs, there is a possibility that the tumor starts developing. For those who are conducting mammogram check in routine arrangement, the advantage of visual detection even before the lump grows can be seen. This explains that after forty years old, where the risks are getting higher to be affected from this health issue, women are encouraged to schedule their mammogram check twice a year. When the lump starts growing, sometimes it is painless but in some other cases it can be prickly.

If you are younger than forty years old, self check can be done for early detection by recognizing whether there is some changes in the breasts. Affected breasts will feel painful, the texture differs and the color tends to be reddish with surface like an orange. The area of armpit can be swollen. Change in the nipple like feeling of itchy, burnt, retraction, ulceration and dimpling may also indicate that breast cancer occurs. Beware also if the nipple starts producing uncommon discharge like bloody or any fluids in various colors. Even though it can be caused by other problems, there is also a possible sign that breast cancer is growing beneath.

Stages of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer symptoms are often capable of indicating the stage or level of the cancer. Like other types of cancer, the stages develop from zero to four. Stage zero is also called the early stage. This is a condition where the affected cells is not spread and only detected localized to the breast and lymph nodes are not affected yet. The next level is stage 1 that shows no spread. The tumor is about two centimeters. Stage 2 is divided into A and B, differentiating area of involvement. 2A stage affects lymph node without underarm lymph node. 2B stage shows a condition of tumor growth across lymph node. Both conditions note between two to five centimeters long.

Stage 3 is the level that also named advanced, indicating spread in the lymph node area. The size of the tumor is more than five centimeters. When the inflammation of cancer occurs, it falls into 3B stage. When it keeps growing and reaching the size of more than ten axillary lymph nodes, it has reached the stage of 3C. The fourth stage is the most advanced level where spreading occurs to other areas of the breasts, including lungs, liver, bones or even brain.