Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bronchitis Warning Signs

Bronchitis Warning Signs, There are moments where elderly or toddlers are suffering from acute cough that makes sufferer hard to breathe. In worse cases, when a patient’s body immune condition is weak, the problems can turn to be harmful. Inflammation that occurs on the bronchial tubes’ lining is called bronchitis. The tubes are very crucial in carrying air from and to the lungs. Commonly, parents assume that decreasing temperature and increasing humidity trigger this condition. Younger children are still very fragile and susceptible toward external conditions. Bronchitis symptoms may be tricky, though. And in adult’s cases, the real cause can be shocking.

Bronchitis Warning Signs

What Causing Bronchitis
Medically, the causes of bronchitis are similar viruses that trigger influenza and colds. However, the most common factors found in causing bronchitis are dirty and toxic air. The pollutants can come from various elements, from as simple as dusts, cigarette smoke up to industrial gases. If you live in the area that is quite close to industrial compounds or happen to be commuting through high traffic roads with high pollution rate, bronchitis symptoms may be a sign that you have to seriously consider a change for better environment. Infection in the respiratory system can worsen irritation of bronchial tubes lines. There are two levels of bronchitis, acute (normally with infection and caused by cold) and chronic that is caused by smoking. Generally, treatment or medication of bronchitis consists of antibiotics to calm the infection and other prescribed medicines to relieve the pain.

Signs and Symptoms of Bronchitis
The following are general signs and bronchitis symptoms (both acute and chronic):

• acute bronchitis usually starts after three or four days after a person is affected from cold or flu, with increasing frequency of cough. The cough is in the beginning dry but after some days turns into productive cough (with mucus). The colors of the mucus are quite various. Clear mucus can also indicate bronchial problem whereas infection in the respiratory tubes may bring yellow or green mucus. Most of these symptoms are caused by acute bronchitis.
• feeling weak, tired, and having fever
• pain in the chest follows coughing can also occur
• when breathing, there is a whistling sound

When a patient lives in a clear environment, meaning that there is no exposure towards cigarette smokes nor bad influences from the surrounding industries, the case of bronchitis apparently is a following reaction after an influenza illness.

Triggering Factors
There are several risk factors that people need to be aware of, when bronchitis symptoms start to occur:

• active smokers will likely to suffer from chronic bronchitis condition. The risk of having acute bronchitis is also improving. When smokers live with other family members and tend to smoke in the house, passive smokers around them will share similar risks.
• immune system becomes a serious issue when a person tends to be affected with bronchitis after getting a cold or influenza. If this condition occurs over and over again, there is likely to be an issue of body immune system. Normally, infants, toddler and elderly are more fragile. Moreover, people who were born premature are also likely to have lower antibody