Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bipolar Symptoms : Split Personality or Psychological Confusion?

Bipolar Symptoms : Split Personality or Psychological Confusion?, healthy magz, Reputable companies and institutions usually require a psychology test. The result of the test can be used to analyze one’s personality type and tendency in working, reactions in facing pressures and stresses as well as other notes that employer needs to weigh. A brilliant candidate with bipolar symptoms, for instance, will harm the whole company and make irrational decisions in critical times. Employers won’t risk themselves in hiring emotionally and psychologically unstable personnel no matter how talented and brilliant they are. Team work may need various dynamics and candidates with emotional intelligence can make more contributions rather than brilliant minds with extreme mood swing.

Bipolar Symptoms

Bipolar versus Depression
Bipolar symptoms are a sign of a complicated psychological illness. For common eyes, bipolar disorder looks similar with depression. General signs of both mental disorders are pretty similar. Normally, it ranges from extreme changes of mood that cannot be predicted. While depression symptoms may be milder, bipolar shows more dramatic changes in mood. Take for instance people with bipolar disorder within the stage of mania can express extreme happiness but turns to be irritated, jumpy energy, losing desire for sleep, and tendency to be making overwhelming plans. Depression, on the other hand, express more negative extreme mood and feelings, like uncontrolled desire to cry, extreme change in eating habit (over or lack of eating), thinking of deaths and committing suicides.

Bipolar Types
There are various bipolar symptoms and types including bipolar 1 and 2, cyclothymic disorder, mixed bipolar and rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. Type 1 and 2 bipolar have manic episode like described above with highly changing moods. Visually, it can be described as higher and lower episodes. People affected from raid cycling usually experience minimum four episodes of mania in a year. Mixed bipolar gives both depressing and elevating moods all time. The changing of symptoms can shift between mania and depression quite quickly. Milder conditions of mood disorder are called cyclothymia.

Complications in Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder can happen in various conditions like during complications, pregnancy and suicidal tendency. Complication of bipolar disorder usually shows the following signs:

• harming oneself, like attempt in injuring him/herself, expressing strong and extreme frustration, anxiety and anger, negative emotions are usually over expressed. The acts and tendency of hurting him/herself can occur repeatedly or just even once
• people in this stage is usually very susceptible to the thought of killing themselves. It does not matter technically which symptoms they are experiencing, mania or depression, the drive to commit suicide increases and can come repeatedly.
• bipolar symptoms are tricky and sneaky, they don’t appear fast and repeatedly but it can also come and go

When should the closest persons in a person with bipolar seek for medical assistance or psychiatric help? As soon as the moods change dramatically, and the affected person shows instability of emotions that lead to hurting, this is the alert that professional help is needed. In milder cases, people with bipolar syndrome can be scheduled for several counseling sessions and prescribed with anti-depressant medication. But when the symptoms are getting more extreme, more serious attempts might need to take place. This can require intensive observation, therapy sessions and medication