Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lupus Symptoms, Lupus: Only Occurs on Women?

Lupus Symptoms, Lupus: Only Occurs on Women?, Among several chronic diseases that may be harmful for one’s life, Lupus is perhaps the one feared by women. But, it is true that females are more susceptible towards Lupus? Is it possible for men to get this illness? In reality, Lupus occurs in one out of ten thousands males. As for the case in women, the number is reaching one out of one thousand females. Apparently, women of African descent are more fragile of this disease. One in every two hundred and fifty African women is suffering from Lupus.

Lupus Symptoms

What is this disease actually, and how can we reckon lupus symptoms in order to get early medication and treatment? Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a condition of chronic inflammation that may affect various parts of human body including nervous system, joints, skin, lungs and heart or kidneys. It is a disease where human immune system destroys body tissues of its own. Several decades ago, treating Lupus was hard. Mostly, the medication failed due to lateness of diagnoses and symptoms recognitions. With a more advanced medical technology, physicians are now able to notice the signs much earlier. Hence, treatments are also able to be given sooner. This has made the number of survival in Lupus improves throughout the years.

What Causing Lupus
How can a person get Lupus? If a person is infected, what kind of lupus symptoms that we need to be aware of? Medically, there has not been a clear explanation of what exactly causes lupus. There are various numbers of elements that can contribute to lupus’ development, but basically, the influential elements are from the environment and hereditary. Lupus is also well known as immune system’s alternations. This condition makes body immune system cannot recognize itself, and as a result, tissues of the body are attacked by antibody. Technical term for this condition is called autoimmunity. There is a theory that believes that women’s hormone estrogen has contributed its part in triggering Lupus, since the number of women having this condition is larger than men. Other factors that may worsen the condition include exposures of sunlight, pregnancy and infections of virus.

Signs of Lupus
Below are the most common lupus symptoms that come and go:

• notice if there are rashes, especially across the face (nose and cheeks) occur; this condition is called butterfly rash
• find out if reddening and swollen fingers or wrists or other parts of body occur
• beware of hair loss, headache and fever that are followed with the feeling of pain in the chest
• problems if respiratory may also occur in terms of heavy breathing and coughing
• notice if fingers react along with temperature change. Usually, one can notice that during cold temperature or any contact with anything clod, the fingers will turn blue and then slightly turn colors as the blood flows normally and gets warmer

Possible Complications
There are several complications that possible to happen if Lupus is failed to be treated on the first signs, including kidneys problems. Notice if swells also happen around the ankles, and observe if the person also suffers from bloating. It can happen during the first couple of years after diagnoses are made. Another complication is possibility of arteries hardening that can be worsened by high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as diabetes.