Thursday, May 16, 2013

Overview of South Beach Diet and Its Health Risks

South Beach Diet

Overview of South Beach Diet and Its Health Risks, health tips, Abundant of diet methods are everywhere to find. In order to make balance review and put forward customers’ health above all things, experts in nutrition and medical doctors do make some careful assessments on some of the established diets. One of the most popular diets is southbeach diet. It claims an effectiveness of a couple of months of clear result. And, many fall for this due to its simplicity. There is no need to calculate carbohydrate and calories intake. Even if there are some phases, it is just to help our body to adjust to new way of eating. The focus here is replacing bad carbohydrates with the good ones and changing bad fats with the good ones, too. The basic meal plan includes three main meals daily and consumes two snacks in between, plus one serving of dessert which contains of high protein source.

Phases of South Beach Diet
There are basically three phases or stages in southbeach diet. The first phase is only a must if one wants to lose more than ten pounds in two weeks. But, if the target goal is less than that, one can always skip the first phase and jump into the second stage. The aim of the first stage is to cut glucose and omit cravings. Here, you can only consume some limited amount of food and have to strictly follow the guided menu options. Carbohydrate cannot be eaten here, nor fruits and fruit juice. The second phase is the period where good carbohydrates are re introduced. Some selected of fruits and whole grains are starting to be inserted in the meal plans. The third stage is called the maintenance stage. A dieter must be strictly following all guided meals in this stage until the targeted weight loss is achieved.

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Is It for Everyone?
Despite of the claims, the basic question remains, i.e. it is safe for everyone, or are there any conditions that are not allowed to apply this diet? The first and foremost principle is putting children aside from southbeach diet and other diets. What is meant by kids here means any age under eighteen years old. The best way for them to deal with weight problem is through working out and reducing sugary, greasy food. But, not engaging in any diets. The second group of dieters that should not be allowed to take up this diet is expecting mums and nursing mums. It is said that the first phase should not be covered. If the second group wishes to go on this diet, they have to start from the second stage.

Dietary Guidelines and South Beach Diet
How to perform this diet well and effectively? How is it compared with the dietary guidelines? There are several concerns related to lack of key nutrients including potassium, fiber, calcium, as well as vitamins D and B. Potassium is very important for kidney, keep blood pressure low and protect the bones. Fiber is very useful for better performance of digestion system. Not all of the phases and meal plans of southbeach diet meets this standard. The level of salt used in the menu is also still considered too high for those with hypertension or potential carrier of hypertension. Now, that you have been more informed about it, make sure to check your health condition and talk to your physician or nutritionist before getting into any diets.